The Making of a Great Course

In partnership with The Teaching Company – home of The Great Courses and Wondrium– Alexandra Hudson produced the series Storytelling and The Human Condition.

This series explores great stories from across history and culture to explore what it means to be human, adn what it means to live life richly and well. From stories ancient and modern, well known and under appreciated, Alexandra sheds new light on the why the power of story ceaselessly to illuminates our lives,

Alexandra was raised on the Teaching Company’s content. Every birthday, Christmas, and sometimes just for no reason at all, her father—an insatiably curious lifelong learner himself—would give her a new course.

To this day, her parents have closets full of Great Courses on VHS—yes, VHS! — DVDs, and more. You can still get individual Great Courses on DVD or you can join their subscription streaming service called Wondrium, and access all their content.

Storytelling and The Human Condition is coming to screens near you May 2023!