Testimonials for Alexandra's Speaking

Alexandra Hudson gave a brilliant inaugural lecture—”Civility’s Importance to American Democracy”—for St. Lawrence University’s program promoting Civil Dialogue Across Difference. She set a high standard in both illuminating America’s present challenges and modeling how to respond to incivility with grace and dignity.

— Caroline Breashears
Professor of English, St. Lawrence University

Alexandra Hudson spoke eloquently and passionately on the topic of civil discourse and navigating a better path out of the polarity that paralyzes our politics today. Her intellectual curiosity and approach to encouraging better citizenship were refreshing to me, as the lead champion of The Tennessean’s Civility Tennessee campaign. The conversation was illuminating and refreshing. She is fluent on the subject of respectful discourse, viewing civility as more than just politeness, but a civic duty that American citizens must carry out to defend their democratic values and their republic.

Her references to the early history of the United States and her reading of Alexis de Tocqueville’s 1835 classic “Democracy in America” demonstrate her expertise in connecting the past with the present time. Hudson makes me optimistic that we can continue to make this union more perfect.

— David Plazas
Editor, The Tennessean (part of the USA Today network)

The Indiana Historical Society had the pleasure to invite Alexandra Hudson to speak recently. She has a clear passion for and knowledge of history and is uniquely connected the subject matter. It was particularly impressive how well Alexandra helped the audience connect to beauty and art in history and art as a tool for cultural healing. This is best evidence by stupendous participant reviews. And, she is a joy to work with. Her thoughtfulness and creativity are infectious. The staff look forward to more opportunities to team up with her! Anyone looking to engage their audiences in a deep but accessible discussion will do well to work with Lexi. You’ll be happy you did.

— Jody Blankenship
President and CEO, Indiana Historical Society

Alexandra gave an enlightening and engaging presentation to the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis. We cannot wait to read her book!

— David Young
President, Indianapolis Kiwanis Club

I first discovered Alexandra’s work in 2018 when I asked her to speak about the Rotary Scholarship, on which she attended the London School of Economics where she earned her Master’s Degree in Public Policy. I was impressed with the quality of her thinking and communication, so proceeded to invite her to speak to Rotary Clubs throughout Indiana, where I am District Governor. She is an in-demand speaker, but was generous with her time in visiting our clubs throughout the state.

Her passion for civil discourse is contagious. I heard her talk on a number of occasions, and was impressed by her ability to tailor her remarks to speak specifically to each audience she addressed. Her message on civil discourse and civility in our country is essential. Given my involvement with Rotary Clubs, I hope to include her speaking and ideas throughout the state in the years to come. She is an amazing person, passionate about her causes and able to command her audiences easily and professionally every time. I can assure you that you will not regret inviting her to speak to your group or at your event!

— Raymond Kramp
District Governor, Rotary Clubs of Indiana (2020-2021)

With both precision and passion, Lexi Hudson helps us confront our greatest social challenge—healing our political divides and finding a way forward together as one nation. In hard times, hers is a voice of hope. We at Braver Angels loved having her speak as a keynote at our national convention because she cast a hopeful vision for our nation’s future.

— David Blankenhorn
President and CEO, Braver Angels